Thursday, 8 October 2009

All american rejects and 3oh!3


The All-American Rejects are an American rock band that were formed in 2000. The band is made up of lead vocalist and bass guitarist Tyson Ritter, guitarists Nick Wheeler and Mike Kennerty, and drummer Chris Gaylor.

All American rejects are a similar band to 3oh!3, this is why we have chosen to compear them. They have also made similar music videos to each other. The song and music video we have chosen to compear is 'Give You Hell' by All American Rejects. Their video is toung in cheak, they dont dont take themslves seriously. The scenes contain lots of bright colours, and the scenes aren't really related to the lyrics in the song. Miming is used quite a bit throughout the song, with scenes of a man performing the song at a gig. There are alot of random scenes in the video, where a man is riding around on a lawn mower. in 3oh!3's video it is also very random and colourful with lots going on.Both videos are fun and have alot on energy to them.

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